Canva Templates

Canva is an online platform that has made content design accessible even to non-graphic-designers. With easy-to-use features like its drag-and-drop editor and a library of thousands of beautiful templates, it is our go-to tool to create social media content that stands out.


I recommend Canva to every small business owner, who is just starting out. From Instagram templates to logos and presentations, you can create virtually anything with Canva for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional graphic designer.


Bye bye, boring feed!

Our custom Canva templates are designed to stand out. But look for yourself!

A New Dawn Wellness Center

Industry: Medical

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Product: Canva Template Set

Date: 2021

Clean lines, dynamic photographs, and a warm color palette were used to create a modern, sophisticated atmosphere while still maintaining a down-to-earthiness that A New Dawn Wellness Center is known for.

The Melanoma & Skin Cancer Institute

Industry: Medical

Location: Denver, Colorado

Product: Canva Template Set

Date: 2021

We decided early on that the visual identity for the MSCI's social media feeds should communicate lightness and optimism to distract from the heavy subject matter. Bright yellows are used as an attention-grabbing pop of color and juxtaposed with clean and attractive imagery to evoke a feeling of trust.

Alka 1 Alkaline Water

Industry: Food and Beverage

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Product: Canva Template Set

Date: 2020

Our visual concept for Alka1 was to create an energetic, invigorating feed that speaks to the brand's health-conscious audience. 

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